Ive decided to leave WordPress as a photoblog site, and use Flickr as a primary photoblog. They’ve got a better deal when it comes to storage and a huge community. Ive done better scans and added more recent photos: 🙂


2013 June – Part II

Here I used Fuji Pro 400ISO. I turned some of the pictures from color to B/W. I used 80mm, 40mm and 150mm.


2013 April – May – June

2013 April – May – Part I

2013 February – Part I

2013 January – Part VI

My fist roll with Hasselblad 250mm F.5.6 Sonnar lens. After using 80mm a lot, 250mm is fantastic with its long dynamic range. Hasselblad longest lens is a 500mm I wonder how that will work out near the ocean…time will tell! ; ) …By the way, I will re-scan a lot of these photos on this blog as soon as possible.